F.A.Q About Ringtones

If you are having many questions about the theme of ringtones for mobile phones. Here are some frequently asked questions we have for you:

FAQs About Ringtones

A ringtone is the set of sounds that plays when someone calls your mobile phone. Different phone models have different ways to get ringtones, but usually you buy sound files from a website and transfer them to your phone. These are usually in MIDI or MP3 format. You can also download free ringtones online, which are often found in WAP sites or special galleries.
Polyphonic ringtones are composed of different notes, not one note like regular monophonic (normal) ringtones for mobile phones. This allows the sound file to play more than just one tone at a time. Popular models of phones with polyphonic ringtone capabilities include N-gage and Nokia 3650.
There are many sites that offer free MP3 and MIDI files, just keep in mind that some may be illegal to download. The best way is to visit a WAP site and search for "ringtones" or "poly ringtones". You can also get them from other people's phones if they have them stored on the memory card.
You will need a data cable, normally provided by your phone service provider, so you can connect your mobile phone to the computer. When you connect your phone, it should display as a removable mass storage device. If it doesn't, check your documentation to see how to do this.
You will need some digital audio software like Cool Edit or Adobe Audition (MAC) or Silkysoap (PC). All these programs allow you to record and edit audio. Find out more using Google search engine. Once you have recorded and edited the sound file you want, save it in .m4r format on your computer's hard drive so that it is ready for uploading. Open the file manager on your phone. You can do this by choosing Menu, then Settings and then Phone settings or File Manager depending on what type of phone you have. Once open, choose Mass storage under My device to make sure you are working in the correct location. Find where you saved the .m4r file on your computer's hard drive and copy it into this folder on your phone. Try repeating this process with other files if you want to create a ringtone list for several different people - just ensure that each one is named uniquely so they are easy to find when it comes to making a selection! You should now be able to use these custom ringtones through your mobile phone's menu systems.
Yes - when you copy your files across, simply right-click on them in order to choose extra options and select Copy Here. If using a Mac, hold down Ctrl and click instead in order to avoid any chance of a file being accidentally deleted! If this doesn't work for some reason remember that it's also possible to email custom ringtones as attachments too. Just make sure nobody presses send before you get back!